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High Efficiency


High-Efficiency SmartChoice™ Gen II capitalizes on all the original advancements of the SmartChoice™ Gen II. Along with these improvements:

Reduces salt usage by 25 percent *

Reduces water usage by 65 percent *

Requires less electricity

This makes the new High-Efficiency SmartChoice™ Gen II one of the most environmentally friendly water softening systems in the world. What’s more is this increased efficiency, money savings, and performance comes with no sacrifice in water quality.

* 32,000 grain system

Smart Design Engineering

The SmartChoice™ Gen II continues to improve on past designs. Ultra low power consumption, maximized salt efficiency and an energy saving auto display turn off are all a part of this innovative system. The SmartChoice™ Gen II is also a Smart Appliance. Advanced electronics provide extensive information about water usage, identify plumbing leaks and other uses that waste water and provide historical information logs on water-usage patterns.