Switch to a bottleless water dispenser today !!

Spend Less. Get More.

customers save 30-70% by switching to bottleless water cooler dispensers .

By switching to our bottleless water coolers, you'll also stop paying for:

The production, recycling and dumping of plastic bottles (including landfill taxes)
Energy costs that go into the production of bottled water
Time spent counting how many bottles will be needed and ordering of the bottles

Storage of all those big bottles (full or empty)
Time spent taking the delivery of the bottles and sorting invoices.
Health and safety compensation claims of employees lifting the 48LBS bottles the wrong way

Total Convenience

No lifting heavy bottles
No more storing of big water bottles

No accidental water spills
No interruptions of water delivery

Water that doesn't cost the earth

Reduce your carbon footprint by 72%
Decrease your contribution to landfills
Reduce energy consumption with our Energy Star coolers
Take more delivery trucks off the road

Unlimited and refreshing water without the high costs,

planned water machine maintenance ensures you have no hidden expenses and spikes in your spending , or disputing water delivery bills.


We were Spending $5,000 annually for bottled water, Royal Water installed 8 Bottleless coolers and we saved over 

$ 4,250  annually. thanks Royal Water

M Corp.

Our Annual cost was $ 2500 with Royal Water we cut that expense to $ 500 annually .  ckb 

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